Tech tAUk Reloaded #23: Flex Your Blogging Muscles

Tech tAUk Reloaded

We bring you a different kind of Tech tAUk Reloaded episode this week. No tech news, no spontaneously-named segments. Instead, we simply bring you a great full-episode interview featuring a dynamic guest.

Blogger extraordinaire Lorelle VanFossen joins us to share some of her many fabulous insights on the art of blogging.

Lorelle VanFossen

Lorelle has been blogging for 20 years, has written thousands of articles on blogging, published four books, and now teaches on the WordPress blogging/content management platform at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. She is the author of Lorelle on WordPress, a treasure trove of tips, exercises, and resources on how to blog better.

On this episode, we chat with Lorelle about she got started as a blogger and a WordPress evangelist, how blogging emerged to become a central aspect of the web, and how she helped transform a college curriculum through the teaching of blogging and WordPress essentials. We also discuss what makes a blog–or any website–trustworthy, reflective of one’s personality, and best able to establish an instant connection with your audience.

Whether you have a blog already or are simply considering starting one up, Lorelle shares some great insights on this episode that will cause you to think differently about how you’re representing yourself to your readers, and about the meaningful voice you can share with the world through your blog. Plus, no matter who you are, Lorelle is a lot of fun to listen to!

Links and Resources Mentioned on This Episode:

Episode Duration: 1:18:51
On This Episode: Douglas Bell, Josh Feldman, and Lorelle VanFossen
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Tech tAUk Reloaded Xtra

In this extended interview segment, Lorelle tears apart Douglas’ website and Josh’s blog, and offers us numerous tips on how we can improve our designs, our layouts, and our content to build a better connection with our readers.
Xtra Duration: 34:33
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