Tech tAUk Reloaded #8: Shutdown or Shut Up

Tech tAUk Reloaded

Tech tAUk returns to the scene of the crime! Doug and Josh reunite to record an in-person episode of Tech tAUk Reloaded at the ATV studio at American University, where the classic Tech tAUk was filmed over four TV seasons. We’re also both in Washington, DC, a city reeling from the ongoing government shutdown, which becomes a central topic of the episode. And we’re joined by another of our former Tech tAUkers, Mike Silangil.

1377563_572964956098138_1318588256_nOur tech headlines this week:

We then discuss some of the effects of the government shutdown, particularly on the online and social media presences of government agencies going dark. And Douglas offers a review of the newly-released 1Password 4 for Mac.

Episode Duration: 46:02
On This Episode: Douglas Bell, Josh Feldman, and Mike Silangil
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