A New Era of Tech tAUk

For the past four years, Josh and I have been so thrilled to have had the opportunity to produce a great television show, Tech tAUk, at our campus’ student-run television station. What began as just another technology discussion show quickly turned into something much bigger: a platform for us to push the boundaries, explore new creative ideas, and overall, to have fun while doing it.

Tech tAUk may have lagged a bit towards the end of its four-season tenure, as we both got very busy with other projects. I wound up running said student television station as its General Manager; Josh kept up with multiple shows, while working a full-time job as an editor of a major online news website. But we never dropped Tech tAUk entirely. Indeed, there are still a few great episodes left in the can, and we’re going to finish editing them and publish them on our YouTube account.

But a couple of weeks ago, Josh and I decided that we didn’t want to completely say goodbye to Tech tAUk, just because we both graduated from American University last May. And so, we had the idea to bring back Tech tAUk in a new form: a weekly audio podcast with a fresh new name: Tech tAUk Reloaded.

A few things will be different about this new show. Obviously, there won’t be video anymore, but we’re also going to rein in the focus a bit. Whereas the classic Tech tAUk drifted into a lot of variety content and humor, Tech tAUk Reloaded will be a lot more focused on discussing the latest in tech news each week. We’ll also be doing our best to commit to a regular release schedule; we plan to publish new episodes every Tuesday as often as we record them.

We hope that you will enjoy listening to Tech tAUk Reloaded as much we will enjoy recording it! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast (we will be publishing feeds on our site and on iTunes later this week) so you don’t miss an episode. And if you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know!

–Douglas Bell
Co-Host and Editor, Tech tAUk Reloaded

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About Douglas Bell

I live in Washington, D.C., and work as a Broadcast Technician at WAMU 88.5 FM, the local NPR affiliate in the Washington metro area. My primary shift is to engineer the local feed of NPR’s Morning Edition, including local news and weather, long-form features and station breaks… and yes, the shift starts at 5 am, so I’ve got the whole quasi-nocturnal thing going on. I am also the Coordinating Producer for Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie, an independently-produced podcast and public radio program. Extracurricularly, I play cello, and participate in a church choir and a handbell choir. I enjoy discovering new places, and am constantly searching for the perfect cheeseburger. I am also known as a frequent teller of puns.