Tech tAUk October 22, 2011 – The Great Outdoors Edition

You know the stereotype: techies like us don’t get out enough. We don’t take the time to enjoy nature. Well, we set out to prove the naysayers wrong on this episode, as we break free from our technology (except for the camera equipment and stuff) to go on a Family Weekend picnic at Battery-Kemble Park (near AU in Washington, DC). Alas, the episode is foiled by a crew member strike, interrupting dogs, and giant branches of “bamboo.”

For the remainder of the episode, Douglas and Josh discuss a bit about how technology has made it harder for our society to disconnect and enjoy the outdoors, and then Josh is joined by his father, Dr. David Feldman, to discuss various outdoor tech gadgets.

Finally, our Random Geeky Fact of the Week looks at the intelligence of squirrels, and then Douglas responds to SportsZone’s “Thumbs Down”s at our show by responding in kind with a FLUNK.

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