Tech tAUk Crew Labor Dispute

Although the NBA lockout may still be continuing, here at Tech tAUk we may be facing down a union action of a different kind. In September, immediately before we filmed our season premiere, the producers of Tech tAUk received an anonymous email from an individual with the pseudonym “Ivan Idea” issuing a list of demands on behalf of our crew’s “union.” Our crew followed up with a brief demonstration during Douglas’ Inbox Zero segment on our third episode, and we have received credible reports that further action is imminent during our upcoming episodes.

In the interest of full disclosure, we wish to release for public information the actual email of demands that we received. We cannot be held responsible for its content, but we will work to ensure that we achieve a complete season in spite of any Occupy Tech tAUk movement that may be pending in the near future. Stay tuned…

From: Ivan Idea
To: Tech tAUk
Date: September 16, 2011 3:10:58 PM EDT
Subject: Fair wages for Crew Members!

The crew of Tech tAUk demand:
-An hourly wage
-Medical insurance including dental plans
-Lunch breaks
-Josh Feldman must buy us a pack of beer for the day…We know he has
money because those guys at Mediaite pay him a wage…plus he’s
-A rec room
-Breaks whenever we feel like it
-Krispy Kreme donuts
-An Xbox 360 in said rec room
-Monthly bonuses
-Josh Feldman must give us each a unique compliment once every hour
for every work day
-A duet of a famous song performed by both Doug and Josh before
filming; this is key to motivating our crew. A happy/motivated crew =
a hard working crew
-Once a month Doug and Josh must take us to Six Flags. They are also
expected to shoulder all financial costs aka transportation and
entrance fees. They should also reimburse all personal expanses which
means food, souvenirs and other random shit.

If these demands are not met then we will shut the studio down.
workers of the world unite!

DISCLAIMER: Yes, this is an on-the-show running gag, not actually happening in real life. But we did actually receive this real anonymous email of demands, which inspired us to develop it into a running gag for the season…

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