Tech tAUk April 2, 2011 – Social Learning Summit Edition

The 2011 Social Learning Summit the first event of its kind at AU, was held at the School of International Service on April 1-3, presented by the AU Social Media Club. The event attracted bloggers, social media experts, video producers, students, professors, and many more from across AU and across the region to discuss the current state of social media and its expanding role in education.

Tech tAUk attended the entire summit and filmed nearly 22 hours of footage on-location in order to provide exclusive coverage of this groundbreaking event. We filmed most of the sessions in their entirety and conducted over a dozen interviews with panelists and presenters.

This special episode of Tech tAUk opens with an interview with Alex Priest, the President of the AU Social Media Club, followed by three segments combining clips of the sessions and our interviews to focus on three of the main themes of the summit: social media in education, social media’s effects in society, and social media’s effects in our daily lives. Finally, we close out the episode by recapping the summit and sharing our thoughts on the event and the topics discussed.

Over the next few days, we will be uploading all of our extended footage onto our website and YouTube channel. You can find links to all of our #SLS11 media below as we upload and post them.

Segment Clips:
Social Media’s Impact on our Daily Lives
Social Media’s Impact on Society
Social Media in Education

Extended Interviews:
Alan Rosenblatt, Center for American Progress Action Fund
Alex Priest, President, AU Social Media Club
Anand Varghese, U.S. Institute for Peace
Caty Borum Chattoo, Professor, AU School of Communication
Charles Purdy, Senior Editor, Monster Careers
Chris Heuer, Founder/Chairman, Social Media Club
Chris Richards, Pop Music Critic, Washington Post
Craig Hayden, Professor, AU School of International Service
Eddie Lee, Social Media Producer, U.S. Department of Education
James Walker, Blogger and PR Professional
Jessica Darmawan, AU Student Blogger
Paul Brandus, White House Press Reporter, West Wing Report
Scott Talan, Professor, AU School of Communication
Susan Page, Washington Bureau Chief, USA TODAY
Todd Plotkin, Founder, Green Buzz Agency

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