Tech tAUk February 26, 2011 – CSI Edition

Call your neighborhood forensic scientist for this crime-filled episode of Tech tAUk. What started as an innocent David Caruso parody (which, just a few days later, was also done by Jon Stewart) devolved into Josh on the run for a suspected murder, and eventually the telling of a forthcoming doomsday scenario.

Our tech headlines this week:

  • Sets Record for Most Expensive Domain Name
  • Will be Affected by the Unrest in Libya?
  • Apple to Hold iPad 2 Media Event on March 2
  • Hackers Threaten the Westboro Baptist Church
  • Egyptian Man Names Daughter ‘Facebook’
  • PMS Girls from Singapore Complain About Men on World of Warcraft
  • And our Grate Da Bait segment returns for round two, wherein we shout at each other about Apple’s business strategy of planned obsolescence. But the segment twists itself into a surprise ending…

    Douglas then shows off our gorgeous new monitor as he demonstrates a number of his trusty tools for taking control of the audio on your Mac, demoing Call Recorder, Audio Hijack Pro, WireTap Studio, and Soundflower.

    Then, inspired by the upcoming Art of Video Games Exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (coming in 2012), Josh invites on crew members Laurel Schwaebe, Mitchell Stover, Steve Chang, and Tom Blandi, to discuss what exactly is artistic about video games (while they, of course, play them).

    Finally, for this week’s Random Geeky Fact of the Week, Douglas discusses Unix time, and how it contributes to the Year 2038 problem, also known as the Unix millenium bug. And for our Viral Video of the Week, we show off a dad who made a playable Angry Birds birthday cake for his son.

    We’ll be taking two weeks off for Spring Break (during which time we’ll catch up on releasing all of our remaining episodes since January), so have an enjoyable break and be sure to join us again in March!

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