A Recap of the Repetitive Beatles-iTunes Headline Puns

So last night, I blogged about Apple’s big announcement and the rumor that it was regarding the Beatles finally coming to iTunes. Anticipating the spate of puns I knew blogs and such would be churning out if this news was accurate, I got ahead of the curve and preemptively mocked them.

What I didn’t expect was just how lazy the news would be regarding these puns. These are actual headlines, and each one is from a different news source. Enjoy.

“Let it be available: the Beatles on iTunes”– Irish Times

“The Beatles on iTunes? Let it be”– The Sioux City Journal

“Beatles finally let it be on iTunes”– Monsters & Critics

“Buy Me Love: Beatles Songs Reportedly Coming to iTunes”– Vanity Fair

“Can’t Buy Me Love, But Can Buy Me On iTunes: The Beatles”– tech2

“Money can’t buy love, but it can buy Beatles songs on iTunes, finally”– The Canadian Press

“The Beatles Arrive on iTunes; All You Need is Love — and an iPod”– WalletPop

“All you need is… iTunes”– boston.com

“Apple and the Beatles: A Long and Winding Road”– The New York Times’ Dealbook column

“The Beatles and Apple: The Long And Winding Road”– PCWorld

“‘Long and winding road’: Beatles finally hit iTunes”– mLive

“The Beatles’ long winding road to iTunes agreement”– Silicon Republic

“Beatles on iTunes: The Long and Winding Road”– BBC

“A long and winding road, but the Beatles are finally on iTunes”– MIpro

“The Long and Winding Road: Beatles Are Finally Coming to iTunes”– Paid Content

“The Long and Winding Road to Beatles catalogue on iTunes”The Washington Post‘s ComPost column

“The Beatles on iTunes opinion clash: the long and winding road or the end?”– Electric Pig

“Lucy in the iTunes worth diamonds”– The Sun

“Do You Want To Know A Secret? Beatles Set To Debut On iTunes”– Crabby Go Lightly

“Beatles on iTunes: Apple’s Magical mystery revealed”– D. Scriber

“Apple, Beatles Opt To ‘Give Peace A Chance'”– Forbes

“After a Hard Day’s Night, Beatles Come To iTunes”– New York Press

“A Hard Drive’s Night: Beatles songs reinvented for iTunes”– The Guardian’s Media Monkey Blog

“Apple: Get Your Beatles Eight Days a Week via iTunes”– NBC Bay Area

“Steve Jobs no longer Eggman as Beatles hits iTunes”– The Register

“Tomorrow never knows”– Business Standard

“Here comes the Sun: Apple expected to announce deal to get Beatles songs on iTunes”– VentureBeat

“EMI Says ‘Good Day Sunshine’ to Apple-Beatles Agreement”The Wall Street Journal

“With The Beatles now on iTunes, the album format is no longer yesterday”– appolicious

“iTunes and The Beatles: We Can Work it Out”– Audioholics

“The Beatles on iTunes: we can’t work it out”– PC Pro

“Could iTunes and The Beatles ‘Come Together?'”– Marketplace

“Apple, Beatles Finally Come Together?”– The Street

“Confirmed: Apple and Beatles ‘Come Together'”– Geeks Planet

“Apple iTunes and The Beatles Come Together, So What?”– PCMag

“Beatles and iTunes come together”– The Telegraph

“The Beatles and iTunes come together”– The National

“Beatles, iTunes come together”– The Sydney Morning Herald

“Beatles, iTunes come together”– AFP

“Beatles, iTunes come together”– Louisville Courier-Journal

“Beatles, iTunes Come Together”– Newser

“Beatles, iTunes Finally Come Together”– Laptop

“The Beatles and iTunes Finally Come Together”– KFRC

“Apple and The Beatles finally come together on iTunes”USA Today

“Beatles, iTunes Come Together Right Now Over Zzzz”– Stereogum

“Come Together”– Global Regina

“Apple iTunes announcement probably involves a yellow submarine”– Geek.com