Apple and the Beatles: We Can Work It Out

It’s very late and I’m so tired, but I have to admit I cannot wait until tomorrow. See, now it’s the night before a huge, huge event.  Tomorrow doesn’t know what’s going to hit it, tomorrow never knows. But I personally know what’s coming, and I can’t wait to say “good morning, good morning” to Apple’s newest iTunes venture that’s sure to be part of a total musical revolution.

Of course, there are plenty of people who don’t know what I am talking about. (Your mother should know, but she’s probably asleep by now anyway.) There’s Anna, the woman down the street; First Lady Michelle Obama, wife of the President, who opponents have referred to as the “taxman”; Eleanor Rigby, your mother’s old friend from high school; and even your gym teacher Mr. Kite. Well, being for the benefit of Mr. Kite, the Wall Street Journal has the full story of what exactly that secret something is that Apple has chosen to release tomorrow.

Steve Jobs is nearing the end of his long and winding pursuit of the Beatles catalog.

Apple Inc. is preparing to disclose that its iTunes Store will soon start carrying music by the Beatles, according to people familiar with the situation, a move that would fill a glaring gap in the collection of the world’s largest music retailer.

The deal resulted from talks that were taking place as recently as last week among executives of Apple, representatives of the Beatles and their record label, EMI Group Ltd., according to these people. These people cautioned that Apple could change plans at the last minute.

So they’re promising it won’t be long, but they’re not ruling out the possibility that it could be a long, long, long time before we actually get Beatles songs on iTunes. Which means EMI Group could either give Apple the permissions tomorrow or when I’m sixty-four. But we can’t deny this is awesome. It’s all too much for Beatles fans right now, but I’ve got a feeling that this will be a net benefit for Apple. Because of Ping, fans can now come together through iTunes and share their mutual love of the Beatles.

So by tomorrow, today will be yesterday and you’ll be saying a  good day sunshine to a more Beatles-y iTunes collection.

I know I will.


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