Eric Douglace’s Delusions of Grandeur (Pt. II)

Last week, I blogged about a Justin Bieber fan who threatened to expose the identities of all Bieber haters by tracking their IP addresses and publishing them on a website. I figured this kid would post the one YouTube video and then retreat.

Boy, was I wrong.

Not only does Eric Douglace, 14, respond to all the feedback he’s gotten, but he drags some other kid, Jack, into the mix. Jack seems like a nice guy, until he utters the sentence “We are still going ahead with this war.”

Oh, so it’s a war now, is it? Apparently their love of Justin Bieber is so powerful that mere mockery cannot stop it alone. Though speaking of love, I need to remind people again that as idiotic as this kid is, using gay slurs isn’t helpful. I’ve seen people post things on both videos like “faggot” and “gay,” and that presents problems. Need I remind anyone that six teens committed suicide in the span of one month because they were bullied for being gay? Don’t drag yourself down to this kid’s level.

But here’s the key difference between Eric Douglace and someone like Chris Crocker or Jessi Slaughter: they cried. Chris Crocker was a looney, but he didn’t threaten people, he just asked them (and by “asked” I mean “bawled at”) to leave Britney Spears alone. Jessi Slaughter cried in that video when her dad was yelling in the background about the “cyberpolice” and such.

Eric Douglace is more worthy of people’s scorn and mockery because he doesn’t show contrition, he’s just a punk kid. In the video, he says that his parents were furious at him for releasing the first video and told him to stop, but apparently he didn’t listen. And based on the fact he has two new videos out (we’ll get to the second one later on), they don’t plan on grounding him anyway.

But now, as I did last time, we shall pair his words with my rebuttals.

“No other Belieber is preserving Justin’s talent.”

So is he implying no other Justin Bieber fan has joined him in this fight? Or does he think no one else has the same kind of “courage” as him to post such a blatantly provocative video?

Also, “Belieber”?

“Something needs to be done about all the Justin Bieber haters. It’s taking a toll on his talent.”

Wait, WHAT? Okay, this is where I start justifying the usage of “delusions of grandeur” in the post title. I seriously doubt Justin Bieber cares about the haters. I mean, you’d have to be incredibly thin-skinned to respond to people who dislike you in an arrogant, pissant way, right?

u really made a YouTube channel just to hate on me? Who is the dumbass now? How does it feel living in your mother’s basement the rest of your life? Enjoy. HI HATERZ

Yes, that is Justin Bieber’s actual response to a hater. But even factoring that in, I don’t think it’s “taking a toll on his talent.” It’s nothing.

“By the way, to all you idiots posting hateful comments on my YouTube page, I know where you’re coming from and in case you want to be notified, you are being monitored on a federal, state, and international level. I have the Interpol on your back, all right?”

If that was actually happening, you idiot, that would be illegal. If anyone at any organization worldwide was actually doing any of this stuff, they would be brought up with abuse of power charges. Especially if Interpol was involved.

But we know they aren’t. We know these are empty threats.

“I have people threatening to kill me.”

Honestly, kid, I’m trying to sympathize with you, because I think even hollow death threats are wrong, but it’s hard to take sides with someone who would, if he could, abuse the international legal system just to enact personal vengeance on some boneheads.

“I’ve already got about 400 IP addresses I am now tracking and I’m going to, if you live outside of the United States and if you are threatening me, I’m going to make sure you are put to justice.”

Again, that’s illegal. It kind of undermines your case when you haven’t the faintest idea what is against the law.

“And to you 4chan people who are ‘Anonymous’ or whatever the f–k you call yourselves, you are on the verge of destruction… I can get your website blocked all throughout the United States.”

Oh, you’ve done it now, kid. Anyone who directly calls out 4chan immediately invites the worst of all worlds. These are the people who sent pizzas to Jessi Slaughter’s house, so imagine what they’ll do with your information (which they probably already have). But the idea that you and a few friends of yours who know how to hack can take on one of the biggest online communities is perhaps the biggest delusion of them all.

If only we had a voice of reason to lay waste to both Eric Douglace and people who obsessively hate Justin Bieber…

Thank you, crazy person in the Kanye sunglasses. Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, Mr. Douglace noticed this video, and posted the following on his video:

LifeInATent this video is getting you suspended and arrested

To which the LifeInATent guy responded:

this is a warning not a threat so youtube cant suspend me or i will sue

Yeah, again, that whole “legal” thing comes back to bite our poor, deluded friend in the ass.

Now, as I said earlier, since we last left him, Eric has posted two new videos. What’s the second one, you ask? Why, it’s a direct response to LifeInATent.

Which led to this response to the response.

Okay, that’s it. This is getting ridiculous. The whole reason I’m even talking about this in the first place is to highlight one of the internet’s key problems: flame wars. People starting fights for no reason other than they just feel like it.

Anyone who feels sorry for Eric needs to cut it out. He made a conscious decision to say what he said, and even after all the negative feedback and his parents asking him to stop, he kept going. He’s a kid who thinks metal sucks and Justin Bieber is the best thing ever. If that isn’t enough of a reason to resent him, I don’t know what is.


One thought on “Eric Douglace’s Delusions of Grandeur (Pt. II)

  1. Look, this is the kid who made the above videos. I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this, but judging by the profuse amount of time you’ve taken out of your schedule to write the above article, I feel I have an obligation to respond. I must add that what you’ve managed to concoct is an excellent, well-written recap of the entire situation with superb, though slightly misguided, commentary. However, with compliments come criticism. So here goes, my friend.

    Seeing you, what appears to be an intelligent human, fall for such blatant trickery is actually quite amusing. You surely show some level of logical thinking, having, of course, pointed out two things: i) international intelligence agencies simply wouldn’t succumb to my alleged desires to hack Justin Bieber websites as they have other tasks of a higher priority, ii) my plans weren’t feasible: the FFC clearly wouldn’t allow me to use their resources to achieve my alleged aspirations, them being, of course, wanting to hack Justin Bieber haters. Now, I feel the urge to mention that it’s easy to point out the obvious. Too easy. You forgot to mention that the FFC doesn’t have any control over the internet. In fact, most of their operations are devoted to regulating traditional communications such as print, television and radio. (Side note: Take that back. The FFC plans to regulate internet traffic – but those plans, so far as I’m aware, have yet to be enacted – and net neutrality was certainly not enacted at the time I made my videos – I’m not sure if it currently is, either).

    Another point: LifeInATent really didn’t mean what he said; the only incentives for him to respond to my videos were subscribers, view and money – all he really cared about. I knew him. He knew I was trolling. We spoke several times. He shocked me with some of the videos he made – videos that were quite gory. Disgusting, too. As soon as I was exposed to the real LifeInATent, I abstained from communicating with him. Then I travelled overseas temporarily, cutting the communication between him and myself. Now the actions of LifeInATent scare me. I don’t know why. I lose sleep thinking about him and his actions: how could he be so stupid as to send death threats, encourage violence over the internet? It’s really quite sickening knowing that a 26 year old adult, with devoted followers, can possibly do this.

    Anyway, back to my point: the entire thing was planned – step by step – by jacksfilms1 and I, ericDouglace. It was a deliberate attempt to prove just how gullible and easily manipulated the YouTube community is. Not only did we succeed, greatly, but we evoked a response from several other large YouTubers, were featured on several news sites, etc. Being only 14 years old at the time, it was quite fun. Very fun, that is. Almost too fun. The whole experience gave me an adrenaline rush which triggered a feeling beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. It was like a drug. Knowing that the entire worlds’ eyes are fixed on you is quite chilling yet gratifying: you’re scared, but you feel amazing and have a warm feeling in your chest. It’s not to say that I was pleased with what I did. Of course, making the videos and tricking people was fun; however, the things that happened behind the scenes is what I regret. I offended some people with personal messages and allowed others to send obscene messages from my account. I’ve apologized to the parties I’ve offended to the best of my ability. Saying this, I still think Justin Bieber haters are baboons. Actually, take that back. Calling Justin Bieber-haters ‘baboons’ is a disservice to sane baboons. They’re less than that. And I’m being serious: Here you have a plethora of lunatics – lemmings is a better word – devoting too much time, a scarce resource, to disliking Justin Bieber videos. As I scour the internet, the amount of images and videos made with the purpose of spreading hate about Bieber is overwhelming. I mean, this stuff is in excess: it’s all around the internet. I honestly don’t know how Justin Bieber can put up with such nonsense. I saw the hate directed toward Justin Bieber as a pretext for my actions. Put simply, I wanted to put Bieber’s haters in their place. I wanted to show how stupid they were. I wanted to expose them, and boy, did my friend and I succeed. I’ve noticed that hate directed toward Justin Bieber – and similar musicians – has greatly declined ever since my ‘stunt’ was revealed for what it was. Did I embarrass Justin Bieber’s haters? It’s hard to believe I did, but we can always theorize.

    There was another comment written in this blog-post that I feel obliged to address: the allegation that I ‘like’ Ron Paul. Of course, this, as with most of my other claims, is complete bullshit. I consider Ron Paul a traitor to his own country. Furthermore, I despise his followers, most of whom happen to be neo-Nazis, homophobes, racists, anti-Semites, and conspiracy theorists. Being somebody with family members affected by the holocaust, I feel rather displeased with this allegation – hence why I’m addressing it. Although Ron Paul has changed many of his positions since the 2008 election (for the better, of course), I still do not support him because of his ridiculous foreign policy that goes as far as to border on delusional and his economic policies which are completely misguided and oblivious to the basic lessons of history. Too, he seems to have sympathy for the ‘blame America first crowd’; such people (a.k.a. Noam Chomsky, Finkelstein) have serious problems and fail to research without bias. Moving on, here’s a lesson: If you want to be hated by the masses, associate with everything the masses hate. It’s an easy way to get negative publicity. I am pleased you picked up on this, however. I was wondering why nobody said anything about the videos I favorited. Obviously, you have quite a keen, observant eye. But it’s easy to say things from observations taken out of context. Just thought I’d point it out.

    If you don’t believe this is me, by the way, simply message me at my new YouTube channel (thegeneraltheory) and I’ll confirm things. If you visit the channel you will see I’ve grown, have a deeper voice, shaper cheek-bones, a nice (and remarkably sexy) moustache, and am clearly more mature. I’d be more than willing to address any of your concerns with this post. You seem like a remarkably intelligent guy, and I’d like to thank and, at the same time make fun of you, for writing this post. It certainly appealed to me. And, as I previously stated, it’s remarkably well-written. So well-written that I think you deserve a job at a mainstream news website: perhaps CNN or WSJ? Anyway, I’ll shut up. This is probably the longest, cockiest, most arrogant comment you have received on your blog. As I said, I’ll shut up now. And I haven’t edited this post, by the way, so if there’s any errors, ignore them.

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