Is Facebook Getting Desperate?

Look, Zuckerberg. I get it. You’re not happy with the movie coming out about you in October. But is trademarking really the path you want to go down right now?

When it comes to trademarks, Facebook is proving to be a bully. It is going after Teachbook in court for using a similar name, and already forced Placebook to change its name. But that is only half the story.

It is not just the word “book” at the end of a company or product name that Facebook might object to. If it has its way, the word “Face” at the beginning of a name might also bring out its lawyers. In fact, Facebook is currently trying to register the word “Face” as a trademark.

Yes, Facebook does not want people borrowing either half of their compound word because… because…

I have no idea. I would think it’s obvious that these other sites are not Facebook. Facebook is the second-most visited website on the entire internet, and over half a billion people have Facebook accounts. So what’s the big deal if smaller websites

If Facebook is trademarking “Face,” does this mean they’re going to sue Apple over their FaceTime video call iPhone technology? It would be a truly ironic position for Apple, which has sued multiple companies in the past for using the word “pod” in the names of their devices.

But Facebook is most likely going to focus its efforts on sites like fellow social neworking site Facechipz, online video chat room FaceFlow, gaming discussion forum Facepunch, and the completely unknown social networking site Facespace.

And that’s just what I found in five minutes on Google.