Rock Band 3 Auto-Tunes Your Voice

We all know that the purpose of a video game is to challenge you. By not making the achievements too easy, it forces you to hones your abilities and practice.

So, by extension, if your singing scores in the game “Rock Band” are lackluster, the obvious thing to do would be practice until you can sing on the correct level, in theory.

But in this age of Keshas and Biebers, it’s not about how well you can sing, it’s about how well you look while audio technology adjusts your voice to the right level, thus giving the appearance you can sing.

And now, Rock Band 3 gives you the opportunity to do the same exact thing.

Along with three-part vocal harmonies and a MIDI keyboard, Rock Band, the popular music video game, will now feature vocal pitch correction. In an effort to make the game more realistic, Harmonix’s newest version, Rock Band 3, will integrate real-time pitch detection and pitch shifting middleware from the audio signal processing company, iZotope, Inc.

What’s next: auto-tuning on American Idol?