Live-Tweeting the iPhone Press Conference

So yesterday Steve Jobs shocked (or bored, depending on your expectations) the tech world when he announced Apple’s solution to the iPhone reception problem would be free bumpers. Naturally, an event like this was too good for Douglas and I to pass up, so we live-tweeted the press conference. Here are some highlights:

  • D: Apple is seriously playing the iPhone 4 Antenna Song YouTube video at this press conference? Guess I’d better watch it myself, then. #
  • D: So Apple’s way of defending the iPhone is by showing other phones doing the exact same thing? Lame. #
  • D: Ladies and gentlemen, all of our cell phones have DEATH GRIPS. They want to KILL us. Run while you still can!!!@! #
  • D: Steve is missing the obvious irony here: iPhone 4 users with antenna issues are not able to call AppleCare for support, by definition. #
  • D: It seems that Jobs’ case theory would seem to validate the claim that iPhones need cases to work. Meaning bad phone design. Eh? #
  • J: So Apple’s plan is to blame the cell phone industry and give vague reassurances that all will be fine. I feel safer already. #
  • J: So we’re giving away free bumpers now? I guess Apple is following what’s known as the Rule of Oprah. #
  • D: “You get a (bumper) car! You get a (bumper) car! Everybody gets a (bumper) car!” –Stoprah Jobsfrey #
  • J: Jobs keeps saying Apple loves its users. Er, Steve, you’re coming across as a big stalkerish… #
  • J: “Do you owe people an apology?” Jobs basically gives the business equivalent of “fuck yourself.” #
  • J: I love how Jobs is saying “I guess ppl thought we were too perfect.” It’s as if he has some sort of Messiah complex. #
  • J: Ah. So no one really has a solution to this iPhone problem. Good to know. On an unrelated note, my Verizon phone works like a charm. #
  • J: Okay, so they were never seriously considering an #iPhone4 recall, because, as Jobs keeps reminding us, they love their customers oodles! #
  • J: And so ends the strangest press conference I’ve ever witnessed. Fun. #