Robo-Cat from Joisey

Unfortunately, it’s not the Joisey you’re thinking of. This one is not from NEW Jersey, but from Jersey. It’s a place in England. And between rallies for proportional representation and drinking tea three times a day, they’ve found time to do something interesting.

Meet Oscar the cat. Oscar has no back legs, because, according to CNET:

The cute little feline… had an accident about nine months ago when a combine harvester ran him over while he napped in a field, severing the bottom part of his two back legs.

Just reading that makes me cry.

But one British vet had an idea he figured Oscar would be a prime test candidate for: bionic legs. Basically, he drilled holes into Oscar’s itty-bitty stumps and inserted special implants.

Had it not been for this operation, there’s a good chance the cat could have died. Below is a clip from the BBC detailing just how the pegs were attached.