Summer Time Waster: Funsites

It’s June, and that means one thing: SUMMERTIME! Which means days and days of swim, sun, and boredom. Luckily, there are remedies out there should you find yourself in a lull. This is the first installment in a series to provide you with some recommendations on how to kill time with games and other fun things.

Today I have two quirky websites for you. The first shows us everything that is wrong with Google Translator, the other shows us everything that is wrong with the human race.

Let’s start with Bad Translator. You know that feeling when you desperately need to translate words and phrases for Spanish class, but you’re too lazy to get out an accurate dictionary and so go to Google? Well, as it happens, you may not be getting the most accurate translation.

That’s where Bad Translator comes in. You can input any phrase and click “Translate!” and instantly your phrase goes back and forth between English and every other language featured on Google Translate. The results are, to be quite frank, stunning.

For example, if you type in “I believe I can fly,” you end up with “My life is over.” My favorite one, however, is courtesy of Comedy Central’s Indecision blog: “I love eating warty cocks.” ends up as “President of the United States.” Go figure.

I have honestly spent hours with a friend typing in whatever we could think of and enjoying the hilarious results. Bad Translator is a perfect time-waster for a rainy day.

The second funsite I have to recommend is Stupid Fight. Twitter is a useful tool if you use it right, but for the most part it’s full of idiots. This site aims to arbitrarily show us which celebrity’s Twitter followers are more stupid. The site follows a very specific formula: they look for misspelled words, truncations like OMG or WTF, and how many exclamation points people use.

One example pairing Stupid Fight provides is Stephen Fry (British comedian from Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster) vs. Kim Kardashian (that chick people care about for some reason). This is an inherently unfair fight by its very design, but it serves as a useful guide. The results are always changing as more people reply to their favorite celebrities.

For example, at this moment Justin Bieber’s Twitter fans are more stupid than Lindsay Lohan’s, and Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter fans are more stupid that his wife Demi Moore’s.

Well, that should do it for now. Keep checking our our summer time wasters and have a good long vacation!


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