DEMON SHEEP Pt. 4: Thinning Out the Herd!

And now we go to the Tech tAUk Action Central Headquarters for some breaking news in the war on DEMON SHEEP!!!

Carly Fiorina, the California Senatorial candidate that got national attention for her hilariously ridiculous “Demon Sheep” ad has just won the Republican primary against Tom Campbell, her FCINO demon sheep of an opponent, and Chuck DeVore, who apparently was too much of a sheep to win.

This is truly a fascinating night because it says a lot about the power of the political viral video. Sure, Fiorina’s campaign didn’t really pick up steam until the endorsement of Sarah Palin, but there’s no way people would have noticed Fiorina in the first place had it not been for the demon sheep ad.

It would be interesting to see someone whose career in politics began with what has been referred to by many (myself included) as the worst political ad ever. Here’s hoping the campaign goes even more viral from now until November.