Live-Tweeting The Jobs D8 Appearance

For the Mac fans out there, any public appearance by Steve Jobs is an event not to be missed. It’s obsessive. We know. We freak out over it anyway.

Well tonight, Steve Jobs appeared at the All Things D Conference in Los Angeles for a 100-minute interview and Q&A session. We didn’t get to watch it live, but we followed it on Engadget and then we live-tweeted our responses as the gig went down. It was unplanned, unprompted, but quite a bit of fun. (Tweets starting with “D:” were posted by Douglas; tweets starting with “J:” were posted by Josh. So predictable.)

Here’s a few of the highlights:

  • D: Seriously, Rupert Murdoch is introducing Steve Jobs? Now I’ve got Josh’s “ice cream with raisins” metaphor stuck in my head again. #
  • D: From Rupert Murdoch to Walt Mossberg. It’s the “All Things D” Conference, home to the oldest white guys in the tech/media industry. #
  • D: Jobs fields the iPhone prototype question with the “ongoing investigation” answer. There’s a little bit of Scott McClellan in all of us. #
  • D: Asked if he felt “betrayed” by Google & Android, Steve says “My sex life is pretty good.” Hahaha, and completely random. #
  • D: The problem with Jobs’ cars vs. trucks analogy is that both still used the steering wheel. Laptops & tablets don’t use the same input. #
  • D: It seems that this whole idea of the iPad being “magical” has been somehow engraved into Jobs’ brain. It’s just a big iPod touch, sheesh! #
  • D: I can see the campaigns now. “Friends Don’t Let Friends Let Their Kids Play in the Sandbox with Steve Jobs.” #
  • J: Jobs says Apple has no committees. Not even a party planning committee? #
  • D: Forgive me if I have a hard time seeing the difference between “committees” and “teams,” Steve. I’m a parliamentary geek. #
  • J: It’s nice to know that Steve Jobs is fueled by sycophantic e-mails. I too like being informed of how awesome I am on a daily basis. #
  • D: So “privacy” is going to be a theme at D8. Note to self: Be sure to also live-tweet when Mark Zuckerberg is on the hot-seat. #
  • J: Personally I’m hoping Jobs gets some of that good old-fashioned populist outrage. That’s going to make this very entertaining. #
  • D: A questioner asked jobs if he could “put [his] Disney hat on for a moment” – I just had a vision of Jobs wearing Mickey Mouse ears. O_o #
  • J: Q – “And if they don’t get better?” Jobs – “Then they won’t.” My God! Steve Jobs’ true identity is… da da da DA… Captain Obvious! #
  • D: Engadget: “We can PROMISE you that he thinks the devices are awesome.” Oh really? Wow, I sure wasn’t expecting that! </sarcasm> #
  • D: Looks like we’re done for the evening. There’s no better place to end than on a “Tower of Babel” reference. Good night, all! #
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