Verizon Bill Collector: “I Am Gonna Blow Your Motherfucking House Up”

It’s things like this that make me rethink wanting a Verizon iPhone. I don’t think I could stand their customer service…

Verizon Wireless has been sued by a customer who alleges that one of its debt collectors threatened to blow his house up over a $308 unpaid bill.

Al Burrows, 45, said Verizon had already given him 90 days to pay his bill when he received a call from another bill collector.

The second bill collector acknowledged the payment plan, Burrows said, but still pressed for immediate payment.

“I am gonna blow your m*****f****** house up,” the bill collector said, according to the lawsuit filed with New Mexico’s First Judicial District Court.

You can actually listen to the motherfucking exchange here.

But let’s be fair here. Haven’t we all, at one time or another, threatened to blow someone’s motherfucking house up? Maybe you were drunk one night and drove by your ex’s house screaming, “I am gonna blow your motherfucking house up?” What’s the big deal about this alleged threat from a Verizon bill collector that she would blow a man’s motherfucking house up?

When Burrows initially called Verizon to complain about the incident, a customer service representative allegedly accused him of making up the story. Burrows claimed that Verizon so far has not apologized.

Oh. They’re jerks.

In fact, Burrows was so motherfucking scared he and his wife moved to another motherfucking state. Now they’re pressing some motherfucking charges.

This lawsuit, if permitted to proceed, would force Verizon Wireless to defend itself against accusations sometimes made against third-party debt collectors.

Companies eager to collect on consumer debts cross the line every once in a while.

In 2006, a retired Sears technician, Stan McLeod, died of a heart attack after receiving phone calls from debt collectors. His wife Elizabeth has sued their mortage servicing company, Green Tree Servicing, for wrongful death and the case is now making its way through the court.

That must have been a motherfucking travesty.


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