The Temptations Are Being Auto-Tuned

First it was dinosaur, then it was the dodo bird. Now guess which other species is going extinct?

Artists who don’t auto-tune. First it was T-Pain, then it was Ke$ha, and now it’s…


There’s the old stereotype that as people age, they get a bit stuck in your ways — musicians included. But for the Temptations — who just released their 49th studio album, the appropriately titled ‘Still Here’ — know adapting is part of the key to their longevity. For example, the song ‘First Kiss’ is brimming with Auto-Tune. Yes, you read that right: the Temptations have gone the T-Pain route.

“We’re trying to let our fans know that we’re in the here and now, but still know where we came from,” Temptations founding member Otis Williams explains to Spinner. “I’m very analytical about everything. I sit and listen over and over. The Temptations, for what we’re known for, we try to stay in character. We know we’re not rappers and hip-hop, but we want to stay on the cutting edge. The kids nowadays, they like what we do but its good to try and give them a taste of what the sound is like today.”

The Temptations? Seriously? One of the biggest groups to come out of Motown?

I mean, they’re obviously old as fuck, but come on! You guys didn’t need auto-tune for “My Girl” and it’s still one of the best songs of all time!

Click here to listen to the new song and make up your mind. I mean, it sounds okay, but the auto-tune kind of ruins it for me.