Meme, Myself, and I- BREAKING NEWS Edition: Hitler To Stop Being Angry At Things

What you are about to read may make you so angry, you’ll want to scream at your top generals for about four minutes.

The movie studio responsible for the award-winning, German-Austrian film Downfall (German: Der Untergang) has asked YouTube to take down several videos from the massively popular subtitled “Hitler finds out…” meme, and the site has complied.

Oh noes! The Hitler meme is no more?

For those of you unfamiliar with this meme, people all over the internet have taken a scene from this movie where Hitler yells at his generals when he finds out the Germans are losing the war and added hilarious subtitles that have absolutely nothing to do with what he’s saying.

In trying to find a sample video, I discovered that many of these clips have been taken down already, but then I found this copy of the most popular Hitler rant video: Hitler learns he’s been banned from Xbox Live. Enjoy… while it’s still up.

UPDATE: Yes, I’m aware it’s down now. Luckily, Funny or Die has a great one where Hitler discovers the Hitler videos are being removed from Youtube. Enjoy.