Tech tAUk Blog Wins ATV Award!

The ATV Awards (which mean nothing, but are nice to have) were held yesterday, and we all had a great time! It had everything: food, prizes, and forced laughter.

Tech tAUk did pretty well, taking awards for Best Intro and Best New Show. And Douglas was recognized for his amazing dedication to ATV, which I think cannot be understated in the slightest.

But the award I think I was most amused to see us win was for Best Website Content. Our blog was recognized by ATV for all the blog posts we’ve ever blogged.

So, in honor of this honor, I proudly present selected highlights of what we’ve covered on the Tech tAUk blog over the past few months.

1. Kim Kardashian is a Twit– Of course, no tech blog would be complete without some analysis of social networking and those who use it. And who better to tAUk about than the ultimate Twit, Kim Kardashian. Watch here as she like totally blows the cover of the air marshal she’s on the plane with. Fave quote: “In fact, according to U.S. law, terrorists are not allowed to follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter because that constitutes a form of torture.”

2. THE DEMON SHEEP MUST BE DESTROYED!!!– This may be one of the most hilarious political stories I’ve ever seen. A Republican candidate in the California Senate race released an ad accusing one of her GOP rivals of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing by showing an ad full of sheep. Hilariously terrifying. Then one of her opponents stole the demon sheep mantle from her and started making money off of it. Of course, now we know this was all just a cheap ploy to pick up the coveted Little Bo Peep vote.

3. Mafia Wars on Facebook… No, Not the Game– An Italian mafia don gets caught through his Facebook account. And to think, he was just about to master all the tiers in Bangkok…

4. Meme, Myself, and I: Biden’s BFD– Joseph Robinette Biden is a big fucking deal. Oh, and something about health care.

5. Time for a Topeka Search– In order to make Google feel better about itself, Topeka changed its name to Google for the month of March. Then, when the name change was lifted, on April 1, Google changed its name to Topeka for April Fools’ Day. Which is hilarious, because that would be like a man changing his last name to his wife’s maiden name. Everyone knows the woman is supposed to accept the new name. And Topeka? Sounds feminine.

6. Wii Responsible for Persistent Genital Arousal– Some 24-year-old British lady fell off a Wii and, as a result, has to be sexually gratified ten times a day. For the win, ladies and gentlemen. For the win.

Well, that does it for the Tech tAUk blog highlights. The blog will continue to be updated frequently, and we will keep updating our Twitter page accordingly.

Start your office pools on how long before my brain turns into its own social network… NOW.