Tech tAUk April 10, 2010 — “Cookin’ the iAds” Edition

This episode is probably our most interesting, engaging, and funniest episode to date. We take a look at the stunning iPad sales and discuss the new features coming in iPhone OS 4, as previewed by Steve Jobs, along with a discussion about Apple’s new foray into mobile advertising with their iAd program. And of course our headlines take a less optimistic look at the future of the world of tech.

Douglas sits down with Prof. Frank Smyth, the Washington Representative of the Committee to Protect Journalists, and they discuss a bit about CPJ’s role in protecting press freedom, the implications of Google’s decision to uncensor and pull out of China, the Collateral Murder video released by WikiLeaks, and the effects of the shift to social/online media.

Then in what is surely our craziest (and most delicious) segment ever, Josh enters the “Tech tAUk kitchen” to explain the iPad and the different arguments about its place in the tech world, using food metaphors. And Douglas couldn’t resist but to throw in some hilarious commentary (Colbert’s “The Word” style) when editing the segment to “help” Josh make his point.

We close out the show by looking at one company’s effort to blend an iPad. Plus, this episode is filled with fake ads that we cleverly produced for other companies. It’s our running gag to pay homage to Apple, which also made fake ads to demonstrate iAd at Steve Jobs’ press event last week.

This downloadable episode also features an extended version of our iPad/iPhone discussion, as well as an extended version of the interview with Prof. Frank Smyth.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and stay tuned to our YouTube channel, where later this week, we will be posting additional fake ads that didn’t make it to air.

Video coming soon.

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