Wii Responsible for Persistent Genital Arousal

I enjoy playing video games as much as the next Doritos-eating pothead, especially the Wii. The only time I ever felt physically affected as a result of my playing is when my elbow started aching after playing Wii Tennis.

But did you know what happens when you fall off a Wii balance board?

Playing a Nintendo Wii can be an exhilarating experience that really gets your blood boiling. On the other hand it can also end up damaging your nerves, leaving you in a state of nearly constantly sexual arousal.

Amanda Flowers, a Wii player, says that second possibility happened to her when she fell off the Wii balance board and damaged a nerve. Since that time she says she requires 10 sexual encounters a day to stay satisfied. According to Flowers, every little sensation such as vibrations leave her in a state of arousal.

Okay. Just imagine you are the male friend of a 24-year-old girl, and you’ve been crushing on her for a LONG time. And now you find out she has a condition where she needs 10 sexual encounters a day. Wouldn’t you be thanking Jesus at that point?

Ms. Flowers is from England, and according to All Headline News, “The condition sexually arouses her whenever she feels slight vibrations from a cell phone or other devices.”

But I think my favorite part of this is the name of the disease she was diagnosed with: persistent genital arousal disorder.

Yes, you read that right. Because she fell off a Wii balance board and damaged a nerve, this young British woman now suffers from persistent genital arousal disorder.

Er… that’s what she said?