Nintendo 3DS: Are We Done Yet?

Nintendo has really done well in the portable gaming market. We have the Nintendo DS (2004), Nintendo DS Lite (2006), and the Nintendo DSi (2009). The Lite is much smaller and lighter than the DS, hence the necessity (?) to make it. The DSi added on interactive digital cameras and content storage, as well as introducing an online store. And let’s not forget the DSi XL, which is basically the polar opposite of the DS Lite, in that it is larger than an average DS. The XL will be released in North America later this year.

Anything else?

With the Nintendo DSi XL landing in the offices of the gaming press this week, Nintendo saw fit to announce its newest product in its portable line: the Nintendo 3DS. The company gave limited details via a press release in Japan; we know the system will use two screens, won’t require any sort of special glasses, and will be backwards compatible with current DS and DSi games.

“3DS” sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it?

Of course it does. But remember this!

Nintendo has a history of announcing hardware upgrades and features that may seem silly at first glance before going on to become huge success. Many scoffed at the idea of the Nintendo Wii, until lines to play the system at its first E3 showing stretched around the convention.

To be fair, I still think the Wii is silly.


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