Wii Teach Your Children Well

And now to teach you history, please welcome Professor Pac-Man

Could Nintendo’s Mario be swapping power blocks for the chalkboard?

The man behind the massively popular videogame franchise and the best-selling Wii console says he’s devoting most of his energy to turning Nintendo Co.’s DS handheld consoles into tour guides and educational aids.

Japanese video game guru Shigeru Miyamoto says the console is already being used in museums, galleries, and aquariums in Japan and that he’s working on introducing the console to junior high schools in the country.

Well, of COURSE this is a good idea. Because if there’s one thing that prepares you for high school and college, it’s a Wii.

This could replace your teacher, kids...

But just to be clear, this is only for “junior high schools.” No playing Wii Foreign Policy in Comparative Politics class to learn about U.S.-China relations.