Mafia Wars on Facebook… No, Not the Game

There’s an old saying that goes “Life imitates art.” Well, if you consider an online game art

One of Italy’s 100 most-wanted criminals, a vicious mafia boss who had been on the run for months, was betrayed by his passion for social networking and flushed out thanks to Facebook.

Using the name “Scarface” from the gangster movie starring Al Pacino, Pasquale Manfredi, 33, a boss of the the ferocious ‘Ndrangheta mafia organization from the Calabria region in southern Italy, had logged on to his Facebook account so often that police were able to trace the signal from his Internet key and find his hideout.

Wow. An Italian criminal that isn’t Silvio Berlusconi?

But I think Manfredi’s real problem here is that he didn’t follow all the old mafia tricks. Just because you post “Put the money in a small paper bag and leave it by the Trevi Fountain” on Fat Tony’s wall and turn privacy settings on doesn’t mean the police can’t track you down.

What you’re supposed to do is use code. Don’t post “just robbed bank lol” or send “got dead body in trunk FTW” from Facebook Mobile. Do what the old-fashioned gangs did and speak in code. “Coats” means “guns,” “loan” means “bribe,” and “Don Corleone changed his relationship status to single” means “I’m going to kidnap your sister.”

On the plus side, I have an idea for a new Martin Scorsese movie. Web of Intrigue. Tagline: Never unfriend the Mob. They take it personally.