Can Soccer-Playing Robots Get Us to Care About Soccer?

Maybe we’ll finally win the World Cup

The challenge for 2010 is a game called Breakaway. It is similar to soccer — robots attempt to kick soccer balls into their goals to score points. In every match, three robot teams and their machines are allies, and two Alliances (red and blue) compete against each other. But as always, there are a few extra kinks thrown in for fun. The field is divided into thirds by two foot-high bumps that extend across the width of the field. In the center of each bump, there is a tower that robots can hang from in the last twenty seconds of the match for additional points.

But robot soccer is a job-killer! Those poor, hard-working soccer players do their very best each and every day on the field, and now they could be replaced by lifeless, soulless robots!

We should have listened to Will Smith.