Japan Develops High School Technology

Will the Japanese stop at nothing to creep us out?

It giggles and wiggles its feet when you shake its rattle, but will get cranky and cry from too much tickling: Meet Yotaro, a Japanese robot programmed to be as fickle as a real baby.

The cuddly baby-bot looks unearthly with a pair of luminous blue eyes and oversized cheeks, but engineering students are hoping it will teach young people the pleasures of parenting as Japan faces a demographic crisis.

“Yotaro is a robot with which you can experience physical contact just like with a real baby and reproduce the same feelings,” said Hiroki Kunimura of Tsukuba University’s robotics and behavioral sciences lab north of Tokyo.

“A demographic crisis”? What is it with Asian countries and demographic crises? You might remember a segment I did during our Snowpocalypse episode on the weird in tech, and I mentioned a dating website for Chinese millionaires. I brought up a study that found 24 million Chinese men will be wifeless by 2020 because of “gender imbalance.”

But of course, isn’t this what the people want? Robots that simulate all the emotions of little children?

Why not just sell free migranes?