“The Tonight Show With… Chatroulette?”

I’ve mentioned the whole Tonight Show fiasco on the show a few times, but in all this there is nothing that “tech”-worthy about this thing, with the exception of many hilarious viral videos.

Well, we’ve finally found something. You may have heard about this thing called “Chatroulette.” Douglas and I did a segment on it during the show we taped this past Saturday (once again, Final Cut Pro aims to destroy us all). You can go on the site and chat with anyone, literally anyone. Well, this social networking site is just what the lazy writers at “The Tonight Show” are looking for. Behold this actual Chatroulette conversation.

Okay. Indulge me if you will while I recreate that conversation with some commentary.

“Hello from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno! This is not a joke.”

Oh, okay. For a minute there I was about to laugh riotously at the thought that the most venerated late night talk show program in broadcasting history was resorting to talent scouting Chatroulette, but okay. This is not a joke. Continue.

“Show us your special talent.”

Um… are these people aware of what Chatroulette is mostly used for?

“Keep it clean…this is taped for national TV!”

Well, when you put it like that, of COURSE people are going to want to keep it clean!

“Your participation implies consent for us to use your image and likeness on our program, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, including promotional segments.”

Wait. So these videos could be used to PROMOTE the show? As in, for commercials? Oh dear Lord.

“Programs will be aired next week, March 2-5 on NBC. Go to http://www.nbc.com for more information.”

So it’s this and World’s Tightest Pants. Is that what they got?

“Hi! Where are you from?”

Starts out the conversation nicely.


Cowabunga, dude!

“Oh! Hawaii! You are the only state not covered in 2 feet of snow right now!”

Ha ha ha ha ha! Wow, I’m laughing so hard right now! What an astute observation from someone working on a comedy program that several islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are not covered in snow! Hi-larious! What a topical joke for a state that was in the news recently trying to prepare for a tsunami! Ha!

“What is your first name?”



“Hi Daniel! I’m Andrea with The Tonight Show!”

Oh good. Because if this was a man, it would be MUCH CREEPIER.

“Do you have any special talents?”

Given that Daniel doesn’t respond right away, I’m sure he’s busy laughing his ass off at how pathetic this seems. Not getting it, Andrea presses on.

“Any dance moves to show us?”

AHA! So this is what the people on “The Tonight Show” are looking for! Random people online dancing in front of a webcam! They might as well bring on the Numa Numa guy.




And now we say Amen.