Jimi Hendrix Rock Band To Be Released This Year… Right?

Okay, so we’re still having Final Cut Pro problems. We’ve contacted Apple, and they’ve been unable to help us. Maybe they could ask one of the orphans working in their Chinese factories if they have any guesses…


In passing, I mentioned on our first show of the year that there were rumors floating around that legendary rocker Jimi Hendrix is getting his own Rock Band game. Well, rumor no longer

Jimi Hendrix’s stepsister, Janie Hendrix, who controls the late guitar god’s estate, let it slip during an L.A. Times interview that a Hendrix edition of “Rock Band” will be coming before the end of the year.

The statement was made while discussing the impact of Sony Music’s licensing deal for the Hendrix master recordings last year. “At the time the deal was completed,” read the article. “Sony vowed to make his music ‘available through every type of media’ — including a new edition of ‘Rock Band’ that Janie Hendrix says should appear before the end of this year.”

There we go. Finally, some good news. Well, I feel truly happy today. So I’m going to just sit back, relax, and hope that nothing Harmonix says will deflate my good mood.

When contacted, Harmonix denied it, leading one to believe there was either an apparent miscommunication somewhere down the line.

“While we have not made any official announcements regarding Jimi Hendrix and Rock Band, but we are excited to say that we are in discussions to bring more of his music to our platform. Stay tuned,” the spokesperson told IGN.

This means that Hendrix music could land in the form of DLC or on Rock Band 3, which Dhani Harrison is reportedly helping with.