Domino’s Pizza iPhone App a Winner, Unlike Actual Domino’s Pizza

Check out this headline from Australia’s Central Queensland News:

Domino’s Pizza has laid claim to having Australia’s most successful iPhone apps released by a business, after revealing that its pizza ordering app has generated $2 million worth of sales in just 12 weeks.

The success of the iPhone app, released in November 2009, was announced as Domino’s posted a 39.2% rise in net profit for the six months to December 31, with revenue up 5.3%.

Well, of course it’s big in Australia. They consider it a delicacy to place shrimps atop Barbie dolls.

Of course, this is coming on the heels of a stunning new ad campaign by Domino’s announcing they have a whole new pizza recipe and admitting they used to suck.

But fear not! If you want to hear the sitch (ever since the debut of “Jersey Shore,” I’ve been going out of my way to avoid saying “situation”) straight from the horse’s mouth, Domino’s is going to hold an Earnings Webcast on March 2 to discuss… earnings, I guess.

But if this interests you in the slightest, fear not. There’s more. The last Domino’s webcast lasted 7 HOURS. You could watch 2 Harry Potter movies in the same amount of time.

Maybe if they had Daniel Radcliffe do the webcast…