Tech tAUk on Twitter!

So remember how I was railing against Robert Gibbs on Twitter a little while ago? Well, turns out I’m a flaming hypocrite.

That’s right, Tech tAUk is now on Twitter! Now you can get tech headlines 140 characters at a time.

All our future blog posts will be condensed into tiny little tweets, and so they become more digestable.

Of course, I’m not the only one jabbing Twitter with a pointy stick while indulging in it. Recently Sarah Palin was asked what the number-one threat to America is, and several people in the audience shouted “Obama!” Immediately, Palin quipped

See, they said that, I didn’t. Just you watch now, too, because somebody will be here with their little Twittering thing, and it’s going to be on the Internet any minute now.

“Little Twittering thing.” It seems odd for Sarah Palin to be getting in a dig at Twitter, considering she’s had an active account for a while now, as well as over 80,000 followers.

Oh well. At least now I feel better about mocking Twitter. (Check us out!)